Simulus 5

We are pleased to invite you to participate in SIMULUS 5 - 5th Annual National Conference of PediSTARS on Medical Simulation; which will be held in Chennai from 6th to 11th February 2020.

PediSTARS (Pediatric Simulation Training and Research Society of India) was founded in August 2013. Since its inception it has played a key role in taking forward simulation based interventions in pediatric health care. PediSTARS took forward its agenda of promoting the use of simulation by conducting various workshops, conferences in different parts of the country in addition to hosting various key stakeholder meetings.

PediSTARS conducts Annual National Conferences (SIMULUS) which sees attendance of various International and National simulation experts in both medical and Non-Medical fields. PediSTARS has passionately worked in successfully conducting various workshops across India such as Faculty Development Program (TOT), Simulation Training of Emergency Pediatrics (STEP), Simulation of Critical Care Emergencies (SUCCESS) and New born emergencies (NEO SIM) over the last 6 years to promote the use of simulation at workplace and as a training tool.

The society is formally affiliated to Society of Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS), INSPIRE Group (International Network for Simulation based Pediatric Research, Innovation & Education.)

Who Can Attend The Conference ?
• Healthcare professionals who are interested in Simulation Based Training
• Emergency Care Doctors, Intensivists, Paediatric Intensivists, Anaesthetists, Pediatricians, Neonatologists, Physicians, Nurses, Paramedical Technicians, Medical & Nursing Students, Interns, PG Trainees & Faculty from all disciplines.

Workshop 1 : PediSTARS Faculty Development Program(TOT)
Date: 10 th & 11 th FEBRUARY, 2020
Venue: Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research Porur, Chennai

This workshop will be conducted by international and national experts in medical simulation. Level 1 certification will be provided by PediSTARS and Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth deemed university, Pondicherry for candidates completing this 2 day workshop. For those who want to pursue further in this field, a senior mentor would be provided to complete level 2 certification over 6 months and level 3 certification over 1 year. At the end of 1 year, after completion of level 3 training, candidates will be able to design curriculum based on Simulation, conduct simulation at thier workplace to improve patient outcomes and debreif multidisciplinary teams..

Learning Objectives:
  • Principles of adult-learning
  • Application of adult learning principles in simulated environment
  • Technical and non-technical know-how of designing simulation scenarios
  • Approach to setting learning objectives
  • Conducting a simulation scenario-nuts and bolts, preparations and pitfalls
  • Debriefing- the essence of simulation based education
Target participants
  • Healthcare professionals who are interested in Simulation Based Learning and keen to become a Trainer
  • Pediatricians, Neonatologists, Physicians, Emergency care doctors, Intensivist, Ped. Intensivists, Anaesthetists, Nurses, Paramedical technicians, Medical and Nursing Faculty
  • Encouraged to come as a team from same institution (Doctor plus nurse/technician)
TOT Highlights
  • Understand the role of simulation in education and quality improvement.
  • Understand and practice the principles of adult learning.
  • Understand and practice the principles of Crisis Resource Management and Multidisciplinary team training
  • Review and demonstrate effective debriefing methodology
  • Understand basic components for building a simulation-based curriculum

Dr. Rakshay Shetty
Dr. Sujatha Thyagarajan

Dr. Shubha :- | +91 9840199348
Dr. Rajkumar:- | +91 9941821207

Registration : Closed

Workshop 2 : PICU Boot Camp
Date: Date: 6th & 7th FEBRUARY, 2020
Venue - Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital, Nungambakkam,Chennai

This 2 day workshop aimed at fellows training in Pediatric Intensive Care. This workshop will be conducted by senior intensivists using Simulation of common emergencies encountered during their fellowship program.
Day 1 would cover common skills like central line insertion, various intubating devices and use of ultrasound. Day 2 would focus on clinical scenario Simulation.

Dr.Lalitha AV

Dr.Ravi Kumar :- | +91 9094621595

Registration : Closed

Workshop 3 : SNAP - Simulation for Nurses in Acute Pediatrics
Date: 7th FEBRUARY, 2020
Venue: Apollo children hospital, Chennai

This 1 day workshop is aimed at nurses wanting to learn about Pediatric nursing. Workshop would be conducted by senior international and national nursing faculty using Simulation methodology. Common nursing skills and clinical scenario nurses encounter during management of Critically ill children would be conducted using Simulation.

Dr. Supraja Chandrasekar

Mrs. Latha Venkatesh :- +91 9282126666


Workshop 4: Curriculum Development Workshop
Date: 10th FEBRUARY, 2020
Venue: Institute Of Child Health and Hospital for Children,Chennai

This workshop is planned to sensitize participants to the important aspects of development of a simulation based curriculum for all Healthcare leaners in a largely interactive format..

Learning Objectives:
  • By the end of the workshop the participants will be able to :
  • Describe the steps of curriculum development
  • Develop a simulation scenario based lesson plan for specific instructional objectives
  • Discuss strategies for incorporating simulation into the existing undergraduate/post- graduate Healthcare curriculum
Target Participants:
  • Healthcare professionals including medical and nursing faculty who are involved in curriculum development for simulation based teaching of Healthcare students. Participants must have a working knowledge of simulation pedagogy..

Dr.Dinker Pai

Dr. Srinivasan | +91 9445525400

Registration : Open

Workshop 5 : Simulation Training in Emergency Pediatrics (STEP)
Date: 10th February, 2020

The Program will be conducted by team from national and international (IPSS) simulation experts. By the end of the course, participants will learn in safe and a risk- free environment how to confidently manage common Pediatric emergencies by effectively using the resources and team and thus improving patient care.

Learning Objectives:
  • Principles of working as team in management of crisis situations
  • How to become an effective leader in emergency
  • Learning critical assessment, management of upper and lower airway emergency situations, resuscitation, sepsis, electrolyte imbalance, arrhythmias, neurologic emergencies, trauma
  • Delivering bad news and communication with family in crisis
Target Participants:
  • Pediatricians, Neonatologists, Emergency care doctors, Pediatric Intensive care trainees, Pediatric Anaesthetists
  • Nurses at various levels of training
  • Encouraged to come as a team from same institution (Doctor plus nurse)
STEP Highlights:
  • Understand the role of simulation in education and quality improvement.
  • Understand and practice the principles of Crisis Resource Management and Multidisciplinary team training
  • Novel simulation- based training using both high and low technology manikins mimicking real life emergencies
  • Maximise training experience by opportunity to practice skills relevant to them without examination or tests
  • Non- judgemental, safe environment, allowing to make mistakes and learn by reflection

Dr. Ebor Jacobs

Dr. Sasidharan Kandasamy :- | +91 9940587408
Dr. Reshma Aramanadka | +91 9176012636

Registration : Open

Workshop 6 : NEOSIM
Date: 10th February, 2020

NeoSim is a one day simulation workshop where delegates participate in real life neonatal emergencies and learn about performing optimally in stressful circumstances using both high and low technology mannequins. It not only focuses on medical knowledge and skills, but also on human factors during the emergencies.

Learning Objectives:
  • Neonatal Resuscitation
  • Golden hour management in preterm infants
  • Neonatal Status Epilepticus
  • Birth Asphyxia
  • Septic Shock
  • Acute Surgical Abdomen
  • Challenging communication
Target Participants
  • Paediatricians, Neonatologists, Paediatric intensivists, Paediatric and Neonatal Nurses
NEOSIM Highlights
  • Real life neonatal emergency scenarios
  • Open and safe learning environment
  • Systematic approach to neonatal emergencies
  • Team training

Dr. Vijayanand Jamalpuri / Dr. Mohit Sahni

Dr.Rahul Yadav :- | +91 9176196208
Dr. Uma Maheshwari :- | +91 9941853855


Conference Breakout Workshops

Venue- Hilton,Guindy, Chennai

Workshop 1: Biodesign Innovation Workshop
Date: 8 February 2020 (11 am-1 pm)
No separate registration fees. Conference registration mandatory
Biodesign Innovation is a fast paced method for medtech innovation developed at Stanford University. The process starts right from identifying the problem in a clinical setting, to developing and testing the solution and the pathway to the end user, including developing a business plan.
Siddhartha is an alumni from the fellowship at Stanford and currently leads the design team at Laerdal India. He will be taking the workshop participants through a crash course on this innovation methodology.


Dr. Dinker Pai




Date: 9th February 2020 ( 11am to 1pm)
No separate registration fees. Conference registration mandatory
Pediatric SimWARS
Date: 8th February 2020 ( 11 am to 5pm)
No separate registration fees. Conference registration mandatory

What is SIM Wars?
This competition challenges clinical interdisciplinary healthcare teams to compete against each other in exciting patient simulation scenarios of pediatric emergency.

Who can participate?
One Team= 4 members
Minimum 2 Doctors
Includes Post graduate trainees

Other 2 members= Nurses/ Paramedics/ Doctors-PG/ Post PG/ Fellows/ Post Fellowship

• All Doctors should have less than 5 years Post MD/ DNB/ equivalent degree experience
• There is no experience limit for the nurses/ paramedics
• All members need not be from the same organisation.
• Region specific grouping, of team members from different hospitals is encouraged.

How to conquer the SIM WARS?
Each team will have to skilfully manage simulation scenarios in paediatric emergencies. A panel of experts will choose a winning team based on aspects of teamwork, communication and clinical decision making.


Dr Supraja Chandrasekar / Dr Pritesh Nagar/ Dr Mohit Sahni


Dr. Shrishu kamath / Dr. Deepika Gandhi


Dr. Shobana

Interested Candidates should write their expression of interest to Dr.Supraja Chandrasekar
Email - | +91 9945818818

Workshop 3: INSPIRE
Date: 9th February 2020
Want to submit a Simulation research project? INSPIRE meeting would accept research proposals after peer review to receive feedback from world experts on study design and mentorship until it's publication.

Interested Candidates should send their research proposals to


Dr Arun Bansal


Dr. Natraj | +91 9600140411

Workshop 4: Advanced debreifing workshop
Date: 9th February 2020
This half a day workshop is aimed at Simulation enthusiasts wanting to improve their debreifing skills. This workshop would be conducted by International and National Simulation experts. Candidates who have completed level 3 certification from PediSTARS or those who have been using Simulation regularly would be preferred. Interested candidates should write their expression of interest to

By the end of the course, participants can learn to be equipped with advanced skills of debriefing. As facilitators of simulation based education they will learn to promote psychological safety for their students and contribute towards enhanced learning in a risk free environment. All participants will be mentored by senior faculty and will have the opportunity to maintain skills as facilitators or trainers by becoming faculty for the workshops organised by PediSTARS India locally and nationally.

Learning Objectives:
Debriefing – the essence of simulation based education
Different styles of debriefing
Hands -on Practice of the various styles
Challenging debriefing scenarios
Cultural context of Debriefing


Dr.Vijay Jamalpuri

International Faculty
Dr.Vinay Nadkarni

Endowed Chair, Professor, Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine
Medical Director, CHOP Centre for Simulation, Advanced Education and Innovation, USA

Dr.Peter Weinstock

Executive Director, Simulator Program (SIMPeds),
Anesthesia Chair, Pediatric Simulation Senior Associate, Critical Care Associate Professor,
Harvard Medical School Boston, MA

Dr. Mike Shepherd

Director of Starship Child Health
Paediatric Emergency Specialist,
Starship Child Health, Auckland, New Zealand.

Dr.Anne M Ades

Director of Neonatology Medical Education,
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,USA

Ms. Gabrielle Nuthall

Paediatric Intensivist,
Paediatric Intensive Care Unit,
Starship Children's Hospital, New Zealand

Dr.Briseida Mema

Staff Physician PICU, Critical Care Medicine
The Hospital for Sick Children,

Dr. Ellen Deutsch

Adjunct Associate Professor, Anesthesiology and Critical Care, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, Senior Scientist, Dept of Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine.

Dr. Utpal Bhalala

Associate Medical Director The Children's Hospital of San Antonio, Voelcker Clinical Research Center Director of Pediatric Critical Care Research, Baylor College of Medicine, The Children's Hospital of San Antonio Texas, United States.

Dr. Asit Misra

Research Scientist, Interprofessional Experiential Center for Enduring Learning (iEXCEL) Instructor, Department of Emergency Medicine-College of Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, USA

Ms. Ella Scott

Interim Director Simulation and Life Support Training,
Sidra Medicine, Doha, Qatar


Consultant Upper GI Surgeon
Northern Lincolnshire,
Goole NHS Foundation Trust ,
Scunthorpe, UK

National Faculty


  • Bala Ramachandran
  • Deepika Gandhi
  • Indira Jaykumar
  • Kalai Maran
  • Karthik Narayanan
  • Latha Venkatesh
  • Manigandan
  • Nataraj Palaniappan
  • Rahul Yadav
  • Rajakumar
  • Rajeshwari
  • Ravikumar
  • Sasidharan
  • Seenivasan
  • Shakila Uthrapathy
  • Shobana Rajendran
  • Shubha. S
  • Sridhar Nagaiyan
  • Srinivasan
  • Srishu Kamath
  • Suchitra Ranjit
  • Thangavelu
  • Uma Maheshwari


  • Arun Bansal
  • Jayashree Muralidharan
  • Venkat Seshan


  • Aruna Ramesh
  • Ashwath Rao
  • Basavaraj
  • Chetan Ginigeri
  • Lalitha A V
  • Praveen Venkatagiri
  • Rajath Athreya
  • Rakshay shetty
  • Sujatha Thyagarajan
  • Supraja Chandrasekar


  • Anu Thukral
  • Krishan Chugh
  • Maninder Dhaliwal
  • Praveen Khilnani
  • Rachna Sharma
  • Rakesh Lodha
  • Rashmi Ramachandran
  • Sunit Singhi
  • Vikas Taneja


  • Anupama Yerra
  • Dinesh Chirla
  • Farhan Shaikh
  • Geethanjali Ramachandra
  • Imron Subhan
  • Pritesh Nagar
  • Rajasri Sethamraju
  • Ranjit Gunda
  • Vijayanand Jamalpuri


  • Jesal Sheth
  • Preetha Joshi
  • Vinay Joshi


  • Ebor Jacobs
  • Reshma Aramanadka


  • Amit Chitaliya
  • Ankit Mehta


  • Kamal Arora
  • Mehak Bansal


  • Dinker Pai
  • Hemanth Kumar V R
  • Narayanan
  • Ramesh
  • Anand Bhutada, Nagpur
  • Bharat Choudhary, Jodhpur
  • Bhiruntha Sivakanthan,
  • Srilanka
  • Emi Humstoe, Nagaland
  • Lulu Mathews, Mangalore
  • Mihir Sarkar, Kolkata
  • Mohit Sahni, Surat
  • Rajappan Pillai, Cochin
  • Somshekhar Nimbalkar,
  • Anand
  • Vinay Patki, Miraj
  • and many more…
Date : 3rd March , 2019
Program Highlights

  • Innovative ideas in Simulation
  • Experts meet experts
  • Brainstorming session between Doctors & Engineers
  • Virtual investment by Delegates

Please follow the instructions for registration

Step 1 : Pay the Registration fees of Rs.500/- .
You can either make an online payment/issue a DD in favour of “SIMULUS 4” payable at Ansari Nagar, New Delhi Keep note of your online transaction ID/DD No. You need to provide this transaction Id when you fill the Registration form

Beneficiary name: SIMULUS 4
(You can add Beneficiary Name as SIMULUS if your bank does not allow numbers to be part of the name)
Beneficiary account number: 37896402195
Name of the bank: State Bank of India
Bank address: Ansari Nagar, New Delhi
IFSC code: SBIN0001536
MICR: 110002005

Step 2 : Submit Online Form or Download PDF Form.

Submit Online Download Registration form Download Simulation Hackathon Brochure


Are you a simulation enthusiast and been involved in a project recently? SIMULUS 4 meeting allows you to submit 2 types of research projects
  1. Abstracts of completed research project ( Oral or Poster Presentation)
  2. Abstracts of research idea (ALERT - Advanced Look Exploratory Research Templates)

Do you want to?

  • Present your work at the biggest national simulation conference in 2019.
  • Network with national simulation experts
  • Receive invaluable feedback from international experts from around the world
  • Take a leap from local research towards international collaboration

Then send us your abstracts and we will make it happen.Click HERE for more information

Call for ALERTS

Are you a simulation enthusiast and have a great idea for a project?
  • Are you a simulation enthusiast and have a great idea for a project?
  • Do you need advice on the best methodology to use for your project?
  • Do you seek guidance on how to get funding for your project?
  • Are you looking for networking opportunities with the experts in the field?

Then send us your ALERTs (Advanced Look Exploratory Research Templates) and we will make it happen.Click HERE for more information

Please download and use the following 2019 ALERT Template.

How to Register:

Please follow the instructions for registration

Step 1 : Select the program you want to attend. Details of the workshops and conference with registration fees is given below-

Register fee(INR)Details
Simulus 5 Conference Before 15th January 2020 After 15th January 2020
8th Feb and 9th Feb, 2020 Non Member 4000/- 5000/-
" Students 2500/- 3500/-
" IAP,NNF & PediSTARS members 3500/- 4500/-
" Nurses 1500/- 2000/-
Simulus 5 Conference Before 15th January 2020 After 15th January 2020
10th Feb and 11th Feb, 2020 PediSTARS Faculty Development Program (Max: 40 participants)
10th Feb, 2020 STEP (Max: 40 participants)
10th Feb, 2020 NEO SIM (Max: 40 participants) 3000/- 4000/-
If you have registered for Faculty Development Program or PICU BOOT CAMP, you get a complimentary registration of the conference.
10th Feb, 2020 Curriculum Development (Max: 40 participants) 4000/- 5000/-
6th Feb and 7th Feb, 2020 PICU BOOT CAMP (Max: 40 participants)
7th Feb 2020 SNAP workshop

SIMWARS (no separate registration, participants must be registered for conference)
Simulators: Nuts & Bolts (no separate registration, participants must be registered for conference)

Pediatric SIMWARS Registrations closed
NEO SIMWARS Registrations open

Step 2 : Pay the Registration fees for the selected program. Please keep note of your online transaction ID/DD No. You need to provide this transaction Id when you fill the Registration form
Make an online payment/issue a DD in favour of “PEDIATRIC SOCIETY FOR TRAINING AND RESEARCH IN SIMULATION” payable at Whitefield, Bangalore

Beneficiary account number: 218101000146
Name of the bank: ICICI Bank
Bank address: No 937/SK/147, Hopefarm, Whitefield, Bangalore 560066, Karnataka
IFSC code: ICIC0002181
MICR: 560229066

Step 3 : Submit Online Form or Download PDF Form.

Submit Online Download Registration form Download Simulus 5 Brochure

For any queries on registration, please send an email to

Organizing Secretary: C/o Ms.Ranjeni / Ms.Suganya
Address:Rainbow Children's Hospital Guindy, Chennai - 600015
Tel: +91 7338729201 / +91 6379905276